I’ve been eating this quite a lot lately, mostly for lunch. It’s easy to throw together and you get “more bang for your buck” with the egg, avocado and corn tortillas.


2 eggs, hard boiled (I suppose you could also do scrambled eggs, and it would taste just as good)
1 ripe avocado
2 6″ diameter corn tortillas, I prefer La Tortilla Factory’s Hand Made Style White Corn Tortillas
just a pinch of salt and pepper
just a pinch of Parmesan cheese


1. Fill a small pot with water, and bring to a boil. Place eggs in boiling water and boil for ~10 minutes. Bonus tip: hard boil a few more eggs, so that you have extra on hand for another snack or meal!
2. Once hard-boiled, remove from boiling water and allow the eggs to cool down a bit.
3. Peel shell from eggs, and place in small bowl. Chop up with a fork and knife.
4. Remove the flesh of the avocado from the peel and seed. Place in bowl and mash up with a fork. Add a very small amount of salt and pepper.
5. Place 2 corn tortillas on a plate, and microwave for ~30 seconds, just to warm up.
6. Spread avocado mash onto each tortilla, then spread chopped hard-boiled egg on top of avocado.
7. Sprinkle with a small amount of Parmesan cheese over the top of each. Enjoy!

I would say this meal is equal to 1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 Yellow container.

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