Kids Valentine's Card Ideas

I love doing crafts in general, and have also tried to pass that passion on to my kids. It always feels so gratifying to make something with your own two hands! I also think that there’s something extra special about receiving a homemade gift :) Valentine’s Day is coming up this Friday! I’ve collected and pinned a few really cute ideas that you could make for your kids’ Valentine’s card exchange at school:

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas

 “You’re My Main Squeeze” Valentine’s by Funky Polka Dot Giraffe Blog

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas

“Donut You Know…” Bags by Little Bean Boutique on Etsy
You could probably do this yourself, by hand-writing the message on the paper bag

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas

“ABC, I <3 U” Valentine’s by Oopsey Daisy Blog

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas Minion Despicable Me

“You’re One in a Minion” Valentine’s by

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas“You’re All Write” Valentine’s by She Wears Many Hats Blog

Kids Valentine's Card Ideas

“You Rule!” Valentine’s from DIY

Got any other clever kids Valentine’s Day card ideas? Share with us!

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