Acai Bowls: Superfruit Power Breakfast

Acai Bowls Recipe

Acai is known as a superfruit: it contains antioxidants, omega-3s and amino acids. In this featured recipe, we’re combining the amazing health benefits of this berry with granola, fruit, and shredded coconut for a power-packed breakfast. If you’re in a hurry, just combine these ingredients in a jar or large Solo cup to take with you […]

21 Day Fix Meal Idea: Egg & Avocado with White Corn Tortillas


I’ve been eating this quite a lot lately, mostly for lunch. It’s easy to throw together and you get “more bang for your buck” with the egg, avocado and corn tortillas. Ingredients 2 eggs, hard boiled (I suppose you could also do scrambled eggs, and it would taste just as good) 1 ripe avocado 2 […]

“Loaded Baked Potato” Cauliflower Casserole

Low Carb Loaded Baked Potato Cauliflower Casserole

It’s got all the comfort food yumminess of a loaded baked potato…without the carbs! Easy to throw together for a family meal when you just don’t want to wash a lot of dishes. Ingredients 2 1/2 cups cooked cauliflower (I use frozen, cooked until tender, in the microwave) 1 cup sour cream (low fat works […]

21 Day Fix High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack Bars

21 day fix high protein chocolate peanut butter snack bars

Here’s another great dessert recipe from the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan. I made these this afternoon, just in time for my post-dinner sweet tooth to kick in. These snack bars are chocolatey, fudgey, and very brownie-like. They’re super dense too! Now, you won’t feel so bad for indulging in dessert… High-Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Broccoli and Arugula Soup

gwyneth paltrow's detox broccoli-and-arugula-soup

Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 clove garlic, thinly sliced 1/2 yellow onion, roughly diced 1 head broccoli, cut into small florets (about 2/3 pound) 2 1/2 cups water 1/4 teaspoon each coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper 3/4 cup arugula (watercress would be good, too) 1/2 lemon Instructions Heat the olive oil in […]

Thai Salad Slaw


If you love Thai food as much as I do, then this is right up your alley…A quick, flavorful and healthy lunch idea for you this week- great to bring to work! A big thanks to Following in my Shoes blogger Rachel Lacy for sharing this recipe! Ingredients 1 12 ounce package of Broccoli Slaw, […]

Success Stories: Shannon H.

Health & Fitness transformation T25 Beachbody

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body? I was always in “ok” shape up until I had my 3 boys within 3 years!! I gained 40 lbs with each pregnancy and each time it became harder to lose! By my 3rd pregnancy, I […]

Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Healthy Shakes

Girl Scout Cookie Healthy Shake Recipes

I love drinking my nutritional shake in the morning for my breakfast, but sometimes I’ll switch it up and have after my dinner, as a way to satisfy my sweet tooth. I’ve put together some healthy shake recipes, inspired by our favorite girl scout cookies. Enjoy! If you’re interested in learning more about Shakeology, check […]

21 Day Fix Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips

21 Day Fix dessert: Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate chips and peanuts

Ingredients: 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats ( I used Trader Joe’s Quick-Cooking Steel Cut Oats) 1 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. sea salt 1 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips 1/4 cup peanuts, chopped (the recipe called for toasted pecans, which I didn’t have, so I improvised) Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. […]

6 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Ideas

6 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

There are only a few reasons I am excited to watch the Super Bowl: 1. The commercials 2. The food If the 49ers had made it, that would have been #3. In any case, Super Bowl Sunday is known to be a day of hanging out, munching on snacks and watching the game. Whether you […]